What is NFT?

It’s digitalised art and assets. Do you still remember guys collecting post stamps or baseball cards. The rare and old ones costs a lot, but how can you transfer them or check the origin?

Well blockchain made it easy. It started with Crypto Punks which now costs a fortune:

Then came all the reast Ethereum ERC-721 tokens like cryptokities, avastars and all the rest. When NFT became more popular and ETH gas fees went wild (50$ for a transaction) other blockchains started to compete with them.

Binance smart chain with bakeryswap and other projects. WAX blockchain with GARBAGE PALE KIDS and ADA, SOLANA and other coming soon.

If you think it’s already crazy to have so many NFT items on different blockchains it’s only the begining. When regular marketers like and artists like LOGAN PAUL, Post Malone came into the space and start selling their nfts.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet wrapped into NFT and sold it for 2.9 millions dollars worth ETH

Remember this disaster girl meme? Well Zoë Roth now a mature woman whose picture was central to the 2005 Disaster Girl meme, has sold the original photo for $473,000 – the latest addition to the cryptocurrency-linked, digital image NFT craze that is sweeping through the art market.

The image was taken of Roth, then aged four, by her father in front of a burning house in Mebane, North Carolina. Firefighters had intentionally set the blaze as a controlled fire

Centralised exchanges just can not stand so much money flowing into NFT markets and started competing themself.
Binance released there NFT platform https://www.binance.com/en/nft

Crypto.com started dropping their NFT boxes and even partnering with F1. You can buy f1 bolids video wrapped into NFT

The NFT technology is really a ground braking in digital art and ownership, but for today their is so much shitty gifs, fake art and other stuff wrapped and selling for amazing amount of money that it is not sustainable to continue like this for long.

Good projects will survive and it NFT will find their niche in todays internet culture, but most of it will die written in the blockchain forever, but with no attention.

PS: if you want to start easily you can easily can just buy a mystery box from BINANCE. It’s most popular exchange and you do not even need a real blockchain wallet. Just jump in here:


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