QLA Mentees/Devotees:

It is with great pride I send you this thank you email from a young teen mentee! Read it at your own peril! I would be disingenuous if I didn’t say this email brought tears to my 72 year old eyes! I recall well how young he looked at the Aug seminar of 2015, still 17 years old! Hell, he still looks about 15/16 – lol!

His results are not unusual, other than his age, based on more than 24 years of QLA castle seminars! Kids have accomplished this and more in 2 years, as he did! But more importantly, he did it w/o any formal education and no financial background whatsoever! He was home schooled! He merely followed the simple QLA model, as you were all taught! He received the exact same free material you did! His only claim to fame (and not to be discounted) was his distinction as an eagle scout!

Yeah, he had ups and downs, as he mentions – but he never gave up, even though he pivoted and morphed a couple times – including changing dream team members and moving back and forth across the USA, at least twice, with no money, or job! When he came to me for reassurances – I didn’t give it to him! I told him to get back on the fucking field and rip them, or die trying! I told him, if he didn’t succeed, he had no one else to fucking blame, but himself – and he would regret it for fucking ever!!

And yeah, I beat him (metaphorically) like a rented mule – I treated him, as I do all! I was not his chairman, nor give him any extra attention! Mentees that devote their entire life and being are different to mentor/coach! Not easier, but different! The world is now his oyster – I recall that very special feeling! I hope to see him at the upcoming hardcore, if he has the time! Perhaps he could coach a class on, implementing QLA, when you can’t go for a drink, because he is under age, with his team/advisors – lol! He is running towards the gun fire and taking no fucking prisoners – just like I tell you all! But he actually did it and continues to execute daily!

He hasn’t just made me proud – he has made his mom/dad proud and all his 8 younger siblings proud, as well! He has accomplished things that people attempt an entire life time – before his 20th birthday! Wtf were you doing at 18/19? He is not the kid who came to me Aug 2015! He is now a man! Like the kids who come back from combat! He will never be the same! He believed there were no limits to his abilities! He has seen the financial enemy and they are his, forever more! WTF! Praise the Lord and pass the fucking ammunition!

To his continued QL in life and bis!


P.S. As a high performance success coach, this is one of my happiest and proudest moments! It doesn’t get much better than this kids! And I am waiting for each and every one of you to join him!

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Sent: Sunday, August 27, 2017 1:13 AM

To: Dan Peña

Subject: Thank you


I turn 20 tomorrow, it’s a bit surreal looking back on my life over the last 2 years since I met you and started the QLA mentor program. I always had an insatiable drive to achieve, and do something with my life but was frustrated with the apparent lack of options that presented themselves to me that I felt I could be passionate about. We closed on our third acquisition last week, giving us an aggregate ~$6M in revenue, and I have two more deals slated to close by end of year that should put me close to $13M topline. By the time I turn 21, we’ll have more millions a year in revenue than I am years old. Haha.

With your mentoring, I’ve been able to train myself into someone who’s able to narrow down my ADHD focus into something I am very passionate about and good at. I’ve had some ups and downs, but the troughs and peaks are continually higher than the ones before. I’ve churned through team members quite a bit, but I’ve finally hit a group that seems pretty stable and is excited for what we’re doing. New Chairman ….. wants to help get this up to $250M+ as fast as we can, fully believes it’s doable with my energy, and the dream team’s connections. it’s pretty reasonable to expect to personally net at least $100M by age 23/24…..

Appreciative of all the hard strokes and tough love that you’ve given me over time, sometimes I think people don’t realize how much they just need to just be clubbed and have their head smashed in a door to get their shit together and start really getting to what they need to do. Thanks for all the coaching and help so far, I’m positive you’ll go down as the greatest HIGH PERFORMANCE business coach of all time with how well your QLA process works. I’ll be famous and on TV and in Forbes articles before we know it, lol, I’ll be sure to tell them who gave me the edge from a young age!







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