Give away

I wanna give you a present. Little give away, actually the best gift you can ever receive.


It’s knowledge. Knowledge of how to become a millionaire. And this time it’s for real. You just need to put away 100 usd/eur weekly for the next max 10 years. Guys who started on 05/30/2015 already did that:

old DCA

How about investing 100 $ in bitcoin / ethereum every month. With the long term bullish trend and compounded interests (stake it onchain) and you will be millionaire in 20 years. Check the graph how you’d have 78K already if you started to do it 5 years ago

You say well but BTC now costs 60K (at least it was the price in 2022 january) and I can not go back in time. Well I was telling the same when it was 2017. It was also expesive to me. 200$ for #BTC, then it was expensive to buy for 300$, then 500$, then 1K, then 3K

BTC price before 2017

But you know prices of housing are always expensive now, but it will look cheap in 5 or 10 years. Same with BTC, but it rises in times, not percentage-wise

But #money is not most important in life, at least when you have enough to make a living.

If a genie 🧞 would ask you what do you really want in life?

Your are not interested in making money or it’s not important to you? 
You want to loose weight and get in shape? Start from:

#Body – First thing should be drink glass of water. The download six pack abs app and do 5 minutes workouts second thing in the morning. 
Before the end of the day make sure you did at least 10K steps

Wanna be happy without any of those? Just one stop time and be happy?