Rising Star Month

What exactly is a Rising Star and why march ? A rising star is an individual with great promise, someone who outshines their peers in many ways. There are six attributes that a Rising has and they are some of the most important attributes a human being can have. These six attributes are as follows:

Capacity – The individual can grow, adapt, and take additional responsibilities.
Consistent Contribution – The individual has a track record of success and possess deep levels of competence, knowledge, and credibility.
A Can-Do Attitude – The individual is positive and has the courage to take risks and step outside their own comfort zones.
Connection – The individual is able to accomplish results through relationships and influence.
Commitment – The individual is passionate about what they do and who they work for.

Rising Star Monoline Script

Character and Integrity – The individual can be fully trusted with no risk of deception or criminal actions.

We may be wondering if it is even realistic to have only top talent in our organization. It probably is not realistic, given that the fact that rising stars are the best because they are unique. They do stand out above the crowd. That said, it is not unrealistic to work on progressively increasing the percentage of rising stars at every level throughout our organization.