Crypto card

You should earn from what you spend, not to pay Banks for holding money in their banks.

Binance on Twitter: "đŸ‘€ #Binance Card… "
Get a visa card or use it with Android Pay

Register here to get a binance card and bonus 15 USD

Earn from what you spend (in $BNB tokens)
Check current $BNB price in coingecko

F.E. if you have 1 BNB token you get 2% back from what you spend

If you do not want to buy $BNB, but $CRO tokens and get card with free SPOTIFY or even free NETFLIX (you get 100% chargeback from what you spend in $CRO tokens).

How much do you need to stake to get card (btw they are metal, feels cool)
Benefits you get (as said they pay back everything you spend in $CRO tokens)
PS: their price tend to rise in long term).

Check current $CRO price on coingecko
You can use card as normal card to withdraw from any bankomat in the world: