Core principles are that life has 9 parts

You: Mind, Body, Spirit

Amplifiers: Money, Power, Respect

Becomes you: Schedule, Environment, Experience

You are what you think, what you feel, and your body. You will become what you do, what surrounds you, and the experiences you have. How fast and how well you become your future self is amplified by the money, power, and relationships you build. We know that advancements in medicine have the greatest benefits for our loved ones and ourselves. Science is the best tool we have to take mankind to the next level. We fight the reaper on our feet while cowards kneel and pretend that nothing can be done. When the genie grants us wishes, we wish for more wishes. We know that a life well lived is one of balance, enjoying today to its fullest while preparing for tomorrow. Lucky are we that being happier, healthier and loved adds not only joy to our years, but years to our joy. Life is Quality x Quantity Quality Being the best you, having the best things, relationships and experiences. Quantity A great life cut short is tragic. The system The systems that helped you into this world and that you may still operate in, education, finance, politics, these things all affect you on a day to day basis. Their scope however is usually so large and they have so much momentum that they should be focused on separately from the things you can affect quickly and easily in your day to day life. Understanding these larger systems






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