5 things I measure my success

Fatherhood Being a good husband Career Friendships and Spriritual life They all should be in green, but it is close to imposible, especially if you push yourself to the limit in one or two areas.Just try to get back and pay back the loan otherwise others areas will bankrupt and you’ll be broke seeing your… Continue reading 5 things I measure my success

Kuba BTC ir afganistano įšaldytos lėšos

Per translate: Visi procesai globaliame pasaulyje taip pat yra globalūs. Salvadoras pristato „Bitcoin“ kaip šalies teisėtą mokėjimo sistemą. Dabar Kuba, po gerai žinomų įvykių prieš mėnesį, nusprendžia kriptovaliutas paversti teisėta mokėjimo priemone. Tačiau Kuba ir Salvadoras yra skirtingos šalys. Jei Salvadoras, kurio nacionalinė valiuta yra JAV doleris, nepatiria jokio sankcijų spaudimo iš Amerikos, tai Kubai… Continue reading Kuba BTC ir afganistano įšaldytos lėšos

Software engineering at Google

“This book would not have been possible without the massive collaborative effort of our curators, authors, and editors. Although the authors and editors are specifically acknowledged in each chapter or callout, we’d like to take time to recognize those who contributed to each chapter by providing thoughtful input, discussion, and review. So maybe you want… Continue reading Software engineering at Google

Baader–Meinhof phenomenon or the frequency illusion

Frequency illusion, also known as the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon, is a cognitive bias in which, after noticing something for the first time, there is a tendency to notice it more often, leading someone to believe that it has a high frequency (a form of selection bias). It occurs when increased awareness of something creates the illusion… Continue reading Baader–Meinhof phenomenon or the frequency illusion

What is NFT?

It’s digitalised art and assets. Do you still remember guys collecting post stamps or baseball cards. The rare and old ones costs a lot, but how can you transfer them or check the origin? Well blockchain made it easy. It started with Crypto Punks which now costs a fortune: Remember this disaster girl meme? Well… Continue reading What is NFT?