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  • How to become front end architect?

    Becoming a front end architect is an ambitious goal, but one that can be achieved with dedication and hard work. A front end architect is responsible for designing and building complex web applications from the ground up, so it’s important to have a strong background in programming languages like React and TypeScript. In order to […]

  • Time management for front end developers

    Introduction to time management for front-end developers The importance of effective time management in the field of front-end development The unique challenges that front-end developers face in terms of time management Setting goals and priorities The importance of setting clear, specific goals How to prioritize tasks and projects based on importance and deadlines Estimating and […]

  • Front end interview questions the aave way

    Cyclomatic complexity – a measurement developed by Thomas McCabe to determine the stability and level of confidence in a program. The complexity of the branches and deep code logic is going. Does react.memo() component will be rerendered if parent does renders? ( same value, different pointer to object). What is typescript tuple – array with […]

  • Algorithm books front end interview

    De-Coding The Technical Interview Process — This is a brand new book by Emma Bastion about technical interviews that is tailored for front-end engineers. The content is very approachable. It’s a great place to start. The Impostor’s Handbook (#1 and #2) — This book helped me become familiar with a bunch of algorithms and concepts I didn’t know much […]

  • React design patterns

    Provider Pattern – when using react createContext and passing data Presentational and Container Component Pattern – components vs containers Compound Components – parent components sharing state with multiple child components

  • 8 figures ethereum wallets

    6 wallets held a combined $102m in crypto.  All had at least 55% of their portfolio in Ethereum assetsAll were putting their crypto “to work” in borrowing & lending protocolsThe most common protocols we saw used were Convex, Aura Finance, and Aave2 of the wallets had at least 10% of their portfolio in Arbitrum Here’s a breakdown of 3 of the wallets (they had some cool names too) – 1/ Ethereum ($25.4m in […]

  • Call and Apply

    Call and apply is that call requires the arguments to be passed in one-by-one, and apply takes the arguments as an array. A for array and C for comma.” function longerSummary(genre, year) { console.log( `${this.title} was written by ${}. It is a ${genre} novel written in ${year}.` ) }, ‘dystopian’, 1932) longerSummary.apply(book, [‘dystopian’, 1932]) […]

  • Kas gi tas aš?>

    Kas bus kai rasite save?– laimÄ—s– krypties– malonumo Ar aš esu aš, ar tai kÄ… kiti sukĹ«rÄ— apie mane? KokÄŻ ÄŻspĹ«dÄŻ apie santykÄŻ ir gyvenimÄ… padarÄ—/primetÄ— buvusios? Panaudoji reflexija suprast, kaip aš jauÄŤiuosi vienoj ar kitoj, ypatingai naujoje ar sudÄ—tingoje situacijoje.– ko aš bijau– ko aš nepradedu LaimÄ— yra tai kÄ… mes turime ir jauÄŤiame, […]

  • Crypto valiutĹł deklaravimas VMI

    Stake’inimui yra 500eur lengvata. Jei pirkai BTC – pasikeitei i ETH vistiek sanderio pliusa turi deklaruot, nesvarbu, kad nebuvo vertimo i FIAT. Ĺ achas ir matas Jei išlaidos didelÄ—s ( tarkim iš binance card) gali apmokÄ™stint išlaidas, jei pliuso ir nerodai.

  • Ukraine has legalized the crypto sector – komentarai

    Crypto friendly yra labai neapibreztas terminas. Lithuania yra crypto As a result of the adoption of the Virtual Assets Law: – the activities of foreign and Ukrainian crypto exchanges will be legalised; – banks will be able to open accounts for market participants; – Ukrainian residents who own virtual assets will be able to make […]