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  • Senior Front end Interview questions you may fail

    What are 3 main components of typescript? A large feline inhabiting Bodmin Moor. Object Oriented Programming with TypeScript Encapsulation. The implementation and state of each object are privately held inside a defined boundary, or class. Other objects do not have access to this class or the authority to make changes but are only able to […]

  • Prepare for uber interview

    Brush up on some common algorithms and data structures If you were the lead engineer of a startup, how would you design their backend? Know basic architecture topology and caching techniques Know OOP principles and design patterns Cracking the coding interview (full stack) – CareerCup – LeetCode Algorithms question – Architect System Design- MIT […]

  • Software engineering at Google

    “This book would not have been possible without the massive collaborative effort of our curators, authors, and editors. Although the authors and editors are specifically acknowledged in each chapter or callout, we’d like to take time to recognize those who contributed to each chapter by providing thoughtful input, discussion, and review. So maybe you want […]