Baader–Meinhof phenomenon or the frequency illusion

Frequency illusion, also known as the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon, is a cognitive bias in which, after noticing something for the first time, there is a tendency to notice it more often, leading someone to believe that it has a high frequency (a form of selection bias). It occurs when increased awareness of something creates the illusion that it is appearing more often.[4] Put plainly, the frequency illusion is when “a concept or thing you just found out about suddenly seems to crop up everywhere.”[5]

Fake it ’till you make it – most probably there are areas you want to improve or feel like you should not be doing it, but it’s just lack of confidence and repetition. Do it continuously and you will achieve results you want.

Benjamin Franklin Write things worth reading, or do things worth writing. “If you wou’d not be forgotten As soon as you are dead and rotten, Either write things worth reading, Or do things worth the writing.”


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