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  • Front end interview questions the aave way

    Cyclomatic complexity – a measurement developed by Thomas McCabe to determine the stability and level of confidence in a program. The complexity of the branches and deep code logic is going. Does react.memo() component will be rerendered if parent does renders? ( same value, different pointer to object). What is typescript tuple – array with […]

  • Algorithm books front end interview

    De-Coding The Technical Interview Process — This is a brand new book by Emma Bastion about technical interviews that is tailored for front-end engineers. The content is very approachable. It’s a great place to start. The Impostor’s Handbook (#1 and #2) — This book helped me become familiar with a bunch of algorithms and concepts I didn’t know much […]

  • React design patterns

    Provider Pattern – when using react createContext and passing data Presentational and Container Component Pattern – components vs containers Compound Components – parent components sharing state with multiple child components

  • 8 figures ethereum wallets

    6 wallets held a combined $102m in crypto.  All had at least 55% of their portfolio in Ethereum assetsAll were putting their crypto “to work” in borrowing & lending protocolsThe most common protocols we saw used were Convex, Aura Finance, and Aave2 of the wallets had at least 10% of their portfolio in Arbitrum Here’s a breakdown of 3 of the wallets (they had some cool names too) – 1/ Ethereum ($25.4m in […]

  • React 2022 recordings

    Build a Headless WordPress App with Next.js and WPGraphQL  LINK. Build a knowledge base with Gatsby, Contentful and AWS.  LINK. How To Design A Sustainable Freelance/Contracting Career + Speedcoding Challenge’ on June 7.  LINK.

  • Call and Apply

    Call and apply is that call requires the arguments to be passed in one-by-one, and apply takes the arguments as an array. A for array and C for comma.” function longerSummary(genre, year) { console.log( `${this.title} was written by ${}. It is a ${genre} novel written in ${year}.` ) }, ‘dystopian’, 1932) longerSummary.apply(book, [‘dystopian’, 1932]) […]

  • Kas gi tas aš?>

    Kas bus kai rasite save?– laimÄ—s– krypties– malonumo Ar aš esu aš, ar tai kÄ… kiti sukĹ«rÄ— apie mane? KokÄŻ ÄŻspĹ«dÄŻ apie santykÄŻ ir gyvenimÄ… padarÄ—/primetÄ— buvusios? Panaudoji reflexija suprast, kaip aš jauÄŤiuosi vienoj ar kitoj, ypatingai naujoje ar sudÄ—tingoje situacijoje.– ko aš bijau– ko aš nepradedu LaimÄ— yra tai kÄ… mes turime ir jauÄŤiame, […]

  • Crypto valiutĹł deklaravimas VMI

    Stake’inimui yra 500eur lengvata. Jei pirkai BTC – pasikeitei i ETH vistiek sanderio pliusa turi deklaruot, nesvarbu, kad nebuvo vertimo i FIAT. Ĺ achas ir matas Jei išlaidos didelÄ—s ( tarkim iš binance card) gali apmokÄ™stint išlaidas, jei pliuso ir nerodai.

  • Ukraine has legalized the crypto sector – komentarai

    Crypto friendly yra labai neapibreztas terminas. Lithuania yra crypto As a result of the adoption of the Virtual Assets Law: – the activities of foreign and Ukrainian crypto exchanges will be legalised; – banks will be able to open accounts for market participants; – Ukrainian residents who own virtual assets will be able to make […]

  • Senior Front end Interview questions you may fail

    What are 3 main components of typescript? A large feline inhabiting Bodmin Moor. Object Oriented Programming with TypeScript Encapsulation. The implementation and state of each object are privately held inside a defined boundary, or class. Other objects do not have access to this class or the authority to make changes but are only able to […]