Algorithm books front end interview

  • De-Coding The Technical Interview Process — This is a brand new book by Emma Bastion about technical interviews that is tailored for front-end engineers. The content is very approachable. It’s a great place to start.
  • The Impostor’s Handbook (#1 and #2) — This book helped me become familiar with a bunch of algorithms and concepts I didn’t know much about before. Not enough to nail an FEE interview, but enough to learn what I was missing.
  • The Algorithm Design Manual — A popular CS textbook, I read a few parts to better understand some algorithms in detail.
  • Cracking the Coding Interview — Ignore the code examples, but the intro chapters help cover some key technical concepts.
  • Grokking Algorithms — Covers a lot of algorithms with cute pictures. I preferred the way these algorithms were covered by the Impostor’s Handbook, but this might work better for some people.






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