8 figures ethereum wallets

6 wallets held a combined $102m in crypto. 

All had at least┬á55%┬áof their portfolio┬áin Ethereum┬áassetsAll were┬áputting their crypto “to work”┬áin┬áborrowing & lending┬áprotocolsThe most common protocols we saw used were┬áConvex,┬áAura Finance, and┬áAave2 of the wallets┬áhad at least┬á10%┬áof their portfolio┬áin Arbitrum
Here’s a breakdown of 3 of the wallets (they had some cool names too) –
1/ Ethereum ($25.4m in assets)
$13.9m on Ethereum (55%)$5.7m on Avalanche (22%)$4.1m on Arbitrum (16%)$1m on BSC (4%)
Main protocols used to get yields were Convex and Aura Finance.
This was the most diverse wallet we saw. And ironically it had the least % allocated to Ethereum, even though the name of the wallet is Ethereum. 
2/ EverydayWhale ($17.6m in assets)
$17.6m on Ethereum (100%)
This wallet had ~90% of its money in lending & liquidity pools. All of it is held in 2 protocols: Maker and Uniswap. 
3/ PennilessWassie ($22m in assets)
$19.3m on Ethereum (88%)$2.4m on Arbitrum (11%)$300k on Optimism (1%)
Main protocols used to get yields were Frax, Convex, and Liquity.

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