How to start with bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most volatile asset in the world, but it goes up at least 3 times every 4 years. Even more do you know what happens when war starts? There is uncertainty and assets usually goes down. Euro down ⬇️, USD down 📉

But Gold usually goes UP.
Now we have #Bitcoin and we call it digital gold and now is the time when you can by it cheaper, hold it for 5 years and you will be amazed about it’s price.

Documenting #Bitcoin from fundamental POV by TygasLT on

At this point you need to decide do you want to be an active trader or a long term investor (you should choose second)

Sign up for bitpanda and set up SAVING PLAN

It’s even easier than saving in your pension fund, just at the end you will really end up rich. 5 years ago BTC was worth 1K, four years ago 20K, in 2021 top was 60K (for now, but even after 50% pullback everybody is still targeting 100K for a BTC.

If you want to trade actively or get access to shitcoins / rare tokens. Then you want to be a client of biggest exchange in the world BINANCE. Signup with and get discount on commision. Plus I suggest order their visa card (you can even add to to google pay) and spend your crypto like regular euro/usd with VISA card.
Binance on Twitter: "👀 #Binance Card… "

Plus get additional cashbacks for you spendings if you hold their native token BNB. Maybe you will not earn a million in a lifetime but you will definitely spend at least one, wouldn’t it be good to get a cashback on it?

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